Moments with Nana

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gui's mom is on a plane back to France, and we're already counting down the days until we get to see her again. While she was here, we really took advantage of the beautiful Austin sunshine and spent most of our days outside basking in early-spring weather. Here are a few pictures from this past week with Avienne's grand-mère.

: :  SWINGS! We didn't make it to our favorite swings in town, but a swing is a swing and Avienne does not discriminate (what kid does?).  She truly enjoys flying in the air, and I think Nana verily enjoyed giving her little petite-fille a few hearty pushes.  : :

 : :  We took a trip to the botanical gardens and strolled through leafy paths to find the flowers that had already bloomed.  There weren't many, but the ones we did find were prize enough.  : :

 : :  Gui and I finally bought a small BBQ grill and picked the most perfect day to invite friends over for a backyard 'que.  It's snowed something like 4 times this winter in Paris, so I know Gui's mom really appreciated the sunshine and extra time spent outside.  Avienne did, too - so much that she forgot about napping all day until 5 pm when she passed out during an evening stroll.  : :

: :  Nana introduced Avienne to the fine art of people/dog-watching from the window, and Avienne loved it so much, she claimed a permanent spot on the window bench with a wet kiss.  : :

 : :  A cold front blew through two days ago, but there was just enough warmth from the sun each day to merit a lay-around on the front lawn before we had to say à bientôt to our visitor.  In five short weeks, we'll get to do it all over again...that is, if snow has melted in Paris by then.: :

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