Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nana has been here for a visit since her [very late] flight arrived early Friday morning.  There was a very sweet reunion at the airport, and since then, she and Avienne have spent nearly every waking moment together.  

Gui's mom met Avienne when she was already three months old, and not more than five months later, she's already back to get her grand-baby fix.  Living far away from France has not been easy for Guillaume or his family, I know, and it simply never becomes any easier.  Being so far away from people we love when a little one in involved is cruelly painful, even more than I had imagined it could be.  We have talked about moving back to France sometime in the future, and it frightens me to think of raising a child so far away from my own family and friends.  I know it's no replacement for the real deal, but thank goodness for technology that helps us at least get our fix of face-time with loved ones when we can't physically be together.

We don't have any big plans for the next couple of weeks while Nana visits, but we're excited to include her in our little daily routines and make sure she gets an overdose of Avienne.  She really came at a good time, as eight months old is proving to be a really fun age - so much chatter, so many smiles and lots of firsts for our sweet girl.  And, as Paris has been knee-deep in snow these past few weeks, I'm hoping all the Texas sunshine and heat will surely have Gui's mom feeling like she's really on holiday.  


Josephine said...

Sarah; these pics brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine what it would feel to live on the other side of the world and not be able to see my granddaughter. It is, as you know, difficult for me to leave my three, soon to be four grandsons, 800 miles away!! I hope we can get together with Caroline. Give Caroline my best. Let's make plans to go out to eat with you all one day this week! Love you!

Texas Espresso said...

being in a bi-continental relationship is bittersweet. my italian has been away from his family for 11 years, and now its time for me to make the move away from mine. its so good that nowadays it is possible to feel a bit closer with technology though. dont you wish we had jobs that let us split the year between the two countries? lol your baby is beautiful and looks like she adores her grand-mere. :)

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