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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

While hanging out with friends and their perfect three-month old baby last weekend, someone snapped a picture that gave us an idea of what might someday become our future.

If you had asked me ten years ago how many kids I wanted to have, I'd have said none.  If you had asked me the same question two years ago, I'd have said one. Noticing a pattern here? While we don't have concrete plans for having a second child, yet, the subject has been up for discussion more and more these days as we're slowly figuring out this whole parenting gig with our soon-to-be toddler.

Both Gui and I are  pretty set on having two kids - no more, no less.  And, as for when, we also agree that sooner is better than later.  It's no secret that pregnancy was not my favorite, and I'd honestly like to get that part over with as soon as possible.  Besides that, the idea of having little ones less than three years apart is starting to make more and more sense to me.  I never quite understood why it was so appealing to other parents before, but I'm beginning to understand it now. Two kids that can play together starting from a young age; that can bond and get one another; that can usually enjoy some of the same places and hangouts.  Plus, for us, not having to remember for the second kid what we would have already forgotten from the first kid; not having to dust off old baby gear or buy all new stuff; and, for me, not having to wean only to pick up nursing again a year (or more) later.

I love being Avienne's mom more than I ever thought I could love motherhood, and the thought of adding one more to our bubbling little family fills me with some mixed emotions. I feel like a jerk saying it (and I hope I don't put my foot in my mouth later for doing so), but Avienne has really been a "textbook" baby.  That's not to say that becoming parents has been easy for either of us, but barring a few new-parent errors (like not introducing a bottle sooner), we could not have asked for a better-behaved baby.  

And, lest you take this as an announcement for something (, let me reiterate that we haven't made any concrete plans as of yet. For now, I'm just soaking up every moment with my baby girl, knowing that one day I might have to explain to her why it's all her fault that she ended up with a younger brother or sister.  

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