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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We booked our flights to Paris on Sunday.  I'm a tad bit nervous about travelling overseas with Avienne for the first time, but that's all trumped by my serious excitement about being in Paris this May!  We had originally planned to visit in June, but ticket prices are laughable anytime after mid-May, so early-May it had to be.  

As soon as we confirmed our seats, Gui set to work on a calendar - this will be Avienne's first time in France and she has lots of people to meet, so we've got some mega planning to do.  Not to mention, there's some prioritzing needed of the endless  places I want to introduce Avienne to - museums and bridges and parks, and so many old haunts I want to be sure we don't miss.  And, we aren't just staying in Paris this time.  We're also planning short side-trips to see friends in Normandy (our second favorite place in France) and family in Nice, which calls for a lot of extra planning for car rentals, carseats, train and plane tickets, etc.  

Then, there's the whole packing issue.  Lately, I have a hate-hate relationship with airports and flying in general, so in an effort to prevent any unnecessary stress, I promised Gui I would whittle down my wardrobe to one small suitcase shared with Avienne's clothes.  Think I can do it?  I'll be doing a trial run soon, so expect me to report back on that. 

We haven't been back to Paris in over a year, so as excited as I am, I know Gui must be twice as much so.  We were hoping to celebrate his or Avienne's birthday (both in June) while visiting, but it looks like we'll be celebrating mine instead.  I feel pretty lucky about that plus the fact that we'll be in Paris when there's no snow in sight and the weather will be demanding picnics and long walks.  Seriously.  Who doesn't love Paris in the spring?


Kate said...

Sounds super fun and exciting for little Miss A!

We were hoping to make it back to England for Christmas this year, but we're thinking it's either going to have to be earlier or later due to some unforseen circumstances.

misplaced texan said...

Hi Kate! I hope y'all can make it back sooner than later! Christmas is always fun, but the bright side is that it's a lot less stressful to travel when the holidays are over (or not yet arrived). :)

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