Saturday, February 2, 2013

One day last week, seemingly out of nowhere, Avienne started to talk.  Babytalk, of course, but lots of it.  She's been goo-ing and gah-ing over the past couple months, even yelling back at us when we talk to her, but this was the first time she went on and on.  She carried on a conversation with herself for a full half-hour and didn't shy away when I pulled out the camera to record a few minutes of her chatter.

Hearing her go on and on made me daydream a bit about future us and how someday, we'll be riding in the car or catching the métro together, and she'll be talking my head off about everything under the sun.  I'm so looking forward to those days, but man, they're coming really fast.

PS:  I've been uploading a few videos on the Vine app.  It's kind of addictive. If you're on it, come find me as TexasSarah.

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