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Friday, February 22, 2013

So, it's been a while since I reported on any of Avienne's milestones around here, but honestly, there haven't been too many.  At 4 days shy of 8 months (mon dieu!), she seems to be taking her sweet little time doing things lots of other babies have done by now.  She is a pretty content little gal - usually wakes up with a smile on her face and goes to bed without any fuss.  She's super easy to read and never complains for too long (although, we're working on the beginning stages of separation anxiety).  She is truly the perfect little baby and I don't know if I'll ever be ready for her to be a toddler.  But, c'est la vie, as they say, and there has definitely been some growing-up going on over these past couple months.  Here are a few updates:

Moving : She enjoys tummytime quite a bit, but she's not quite ready to crawl, yet.  Typically, she'll push herself up as high as she can on her arms and then push herself backwards.  This doesn't usually get her very far, and she's found herself stuck under the bench in the livingroom more than once because her diaper-butt is too big to go any further.  It seems like she's always preferred having her legs locked and she'll be happy to stand up against something as long as you're there to catch her when she loses balance.  She doesn't much  enjoy rolling over, though, but we know she knows how because when she's really anxious to grab something, she will.  In general, if she's lying on her back or sitting down, she won't move until someone moves her.  And, I'm really OK with that.

Communicating :  Things are really clicking in her head these days.  She has mastered the concept of anticipation, partly thanks to the weekly swim lessons we're taking this month (more on that in a later post). When we count to 3, she knows something is about to happen (usually it's going under water or being lifted in the air, and occasionally, it's raspberries on the belly). 

After two days of repeatedly telling her no and removing her hand, she learned not to pull at the blinds near her changing table that she once ripped off; she's never touched them since.  When she's hungry, she grabs my face and bites kisses my chin. She's slowly but surely learning how to wave hello and goodbye to friends and strangers. When she's tired, she screams and whimpers and then laughs at the most mundane sound or sight.  And those laughs.  They are sometimes accompanied by a snort and are truly the sweetest sounds my ears have ever heard. Overall, we've established a really solid method of communication, so let's hope it continues!

Eating : Ouf!  This is my current affliction.  The girl will not eat solids.  She's just not interested.  We introduced her to solids at 6 months, and admittedly, we weren't very diligent about feeding her more than once everyday, even skipping a day every once in a while.  When we finally started getting into the habit, she was totally into it and eating really well - happily grubbing on the oatmeal, peas, squash, pears and carrots we introduced her to.  She even recently enjoyed gnawing on an apple core.  But, for the past couple of weeks, she does not want more than a bite of anything.  She'll maybe grab the spoon, but she turns her head the moment it's near her mouth.  Maybe it's because she's teething like crazy (yet, still not a tooth in sight), but after two months, I just wish she would show more interest in food.  Am I crazy?

Sleeping : Her sleeping habits have been pretty well established for months, now.  She naps three times a day around the same time everyday.  She's usually tired by 7, which is when we start winding her down (bath, pajamas and calm playtime), and we try to have her in bed by 8 most days.  On a good night, she'll wake me up around midnight and then around 6 a.m. to nurse, and then straight back to sleep.  On a bad night, she'll wake me up every two-and-a-half hours starting around 11 p.m.  Those nights suck, but luckily, they aren't typical.  

The major change I've noticed in her sleeping habits over the past month or so is that she's less inclined to put herself to sleep for naps.  She goes down without any objection at night, but during the day, she does not want me to leave the room.  I'm chalking it up to the separation anxiety phase she seems to have entered into, which means it may get worse before it gets better.  We shall see.

Her favorites : swinging, bathtime, mirrors, being outside, pulling grass, being sung to, naps in the car, riding face-out in the baby carrier

Her least favorites : her high chair, eating solids, hearing someone cough, shopping, doing anything sans mama or papa

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