What playtime looks like

Friday, January 18, 2013

Now that she sits up on her own, Avienne is having a blast rifling through her basket of toys in the living room.  It makes me smile to see her playing so contently on her own, rummaging through all her choice toys wondering which one is hidden beneath the last.  Occasionally, she'll throw a glance my way to make sure I'm still there observing, and when I've stepped out of sight (likely to grab some food or brush my teeth), she'll let out a high-pitched squeal until I call out that I'm still closeby.  Then, it's back to business and back to that basket.  

When she finally empties it out, she has a look around to see what's still within reach, then gives each item a hearty shake, a quick gnawing and tosses it away for the next in line.  When she's finally had enough, she sits and claps, chews a finger or two and gives the room a quick once-over before setting her sights on me.  That's my cue that playtime is over and we're off to search for another adventure. 


Nicki said...

What a cute photo. I've read your blog since you lived in Paris.

Where did you get that fantastic knit blanket? I love it!


misplaced texan said...

@ Nicki, thank you! The blanket was given to me by a friend, but I think she said she got it from Anthropologie.

Nicki said...

Thanks for the info!

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