Weekend perfection

Monday, January 21, 2013

Holy moly, what a beautiful weekend we had!  The sunshine, blue skies and perfect weather were practically begging us to get out of the house all weekend, so that's pretty much what we did.  After getting a few, obligatory things done at home (laundry, vacuuming, babyfood-making), we took every opportunity to spend some time outdoors. 

We hung out at the park nearby and Avienne rode a swing for the first time ever.  She startles easily (definitely gets that from me), so we weren't sure if she was going to love it or be scared.  Well, she definitely wasn't scared.  In fact, she seemed a bit unamused by the swing at first, but once we sat her forward in the seat, she was all smiles.  Gui and I had fun taking turns pushing her and when the sun got to be a little too warm, we took a stroll around the park before heading back home.  We had so much fun swinging Avienne  and seeing her delight that we went back for an encore on Sunday.


We took a long afternoon walk on Sunday where we ran into some friendly neighborhood cats and interesting foliage.  Before meeting up with friends in the evening for a beer en terrasse, Avienne and I hung out in the shade of the house while Gui finished taking off the last of our Christmas decorations from the front porch. The light was pretty magical as the sun was setting, and we just sat around the yard, playing with dead leaves and watching the passersby similarly exploiting a sublime late-winter day.


As the weekend was coming to a close, Gui reminded me that I hadn't baked the cookies I had been talking about wanting to bake all week.  So, after dinner, while Avienne slept, I enlisted a bit of Gui's help and  finally baked those cookies. Man, I'm so glad I did because they were a perfect, sweet finish to a perfectly sweet weekend.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Crystal said...

Aww what lovely photos! You guys all look so happy.

I have total cookie envy now, by the way ;)

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