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Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm not one to make resolutions.  I think it's great to set goals, to be challenged and grow everyday, and I'm all about getting behind a resolution with a finite end-date or result.   But for me, singling out one or more things to resolve  to change about myself, my life or habits at the beginning of a new year is a total set-up for failure.  Still, in the spirit of starting a "fresh" new year, I wanted to do something on my blog that challenges me to be here a little more often than I have been over the last couple years.  I thought about the 365 project that everyone and their mamans do (that is, taking and/or posting a picture everyday), but that's just a little too ambitious for my less-ambitious taste.  So, when I stumbled across "A Portrait a Week" on this lovely blog, I thought it was a perfect compromise.  

I take so many pictures of Avienne everyday that I shouldn't have any trouble making the effort to take her portrait at least once each week and document it here.  She changes by the minute these days and I think this will be the perfect excuse to capture her in one telling moment every week to look back on at the end of 2013.  I also love the idea of taking a self-portrait and a partner portrait each week, but we'll see how this goes first and maybe save that for next year.

[Sidenote:  I'll be posting these every week on Sunday night or Monday morning and each one will have a short description beginning with the number of the week written out in French (I need the practice).]

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"A portrait of Avienne once a week, every week, in 2013"

Un  ::  A sweet baby with a scratched forehead playing on the bed before a much-needed morning nap.

It's been a pretty rainy first week of the year for us, so we've been spending our dreary mornings playing on the bed or lounging on the couch.  Lately, it's been hard to capture this little face without her hands in her mouth or her bottom lip tucked in.  She's been teething for as long as I can remember, but still all gums at the moment.  And despite our best efforts, we can't seem to keep her nails short enough to keep her from scratching herself...she's like Edward Scissorhands these days!


Crystal said...

What a great idea! I look forward to seeing weekly shots of your beautiful bébé :)

misplaced texan said...

Thanks, Crystal...I thought so, too! You should do it with your bébés! :-)

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