So...this is Santa?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Normally, I'd be all over this spring-like weather we've been having here lately, but it's December, y'all!  I want to wear sweaters and boots and woolen scarves.  I want to shut off my A/C and have a good excuse to burn some wood in the fireplace.  I want to drink hot cocoa and snuggle up on the couch in my warmest pajamas while watching some of my Christmastime favorites.  But, alas, this is Texas and well, we get what we get when December rolls around.  We'll be lucky to have temperatures cold enough to put away the flip-flops on Christmas day (I won't hold my breath), but of course, I'm still looking forward to spending a cozy Christmas in Texas since it means I'll be at home with family.  

One good thing about this weather is that we've been able to spend some time outside, hanging out, taking walks, eating ice cream.  The other weekend, we walked over to Rita's Italian Ice and ran into Santa, who was apparently also trying to cool off (or might have just been the shop-owner trying to bring in some business).  After we ordered our frozen treats (and Santa found his misplaced hat) we handed Avienne over to the white-haired old man and waited for her reaction.  And waited.  Until we realized she was totally unfazed by the red coat and long beard, and was just letting us snap a few shots of her lackluster first impression.  

I'm pretty sure she's clicking her tongue and rolling her eyes at us in a couple of these photos.  

( She's totally trying to force a smile. Thanks for indulging us, A.)


Hannah said...

how cool! other kids would have screamed and cried. but she is totally relaxed and cool!

Leesa said...

Gorgeous pictures, Sarah... Wishing you all a Fantasitiqe Christmas...

Love n' hugs.. Leesa

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