Picture day

Monday, December 10, 2012

I love photos and I take lots of 'em.  My iPhone or camera are always in-hand, ready to document a giggly face or a sweet moment that I want to look back on and remember.  (If you're interested in seeing some of my daily random snapshots, feel free to follow me along on instagram if you aren't already - I'm TexasSarah.) But, the problem with being our family's self-appointed photographer is that there's hardly a picture of all three of us to look back on. Recognizing that this was happening a little too often, our über-talented friend, Melynda offered to take a few photos of our little family last week.  The weather was great, but it was a little late in the day and Avienne was in her usual contemplative, nap-deprived mood, so smiles were a little hard to come by.  Smiles or not, I was so blown away with how beautiful the photos came out and how so very "us" they are.

Here are just a few of my favorites.



I can't wait to do this again in a few months! (Hint, hint, Melynda...)


Kate said...

Great photos! And I know exactly what you mean. My friend who recently took our pics has lectured me and others on making sure to give your child the gift of seeing you with them in pics!

Crystal said...

Beautiful pics Sarah! I think they all turned out great. I love the colour scheme in your house, too. Avienne is super mignonne :)

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