Trois mois

Monday, October 1, 2012

Three months is one of those milestones that parents and doctors talk about when discussing growing babies.  It's when their personalities start showing and the giggles start happening; when routines start falling into place and cries are a little more discernible.

Avienne seems to be right on track with all of that. She's smiling and cooing and focusing more on people and sounds.  She has a hearty laugh that we sometimes randomly set off while we're changing her diaper or bouncing her on our lap.  She's good at letting us know when she's tired, hungry or needs to be changed, and we've definitely started getting into some daytime and nighttime routines.  

She's also starting showing signs of teething, including sudden outbursts of fussiness that can't be assuaged by anything but mama or papa hugs and a little lullaby singing.  I was looking back at some pictures from her birth and just can't believe how much she's grown in three little months.  I know that's what was supposed to happen, but it's still so surprising when it actually does.


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