Halloween firsts

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Gui and Avienne had their first experience at a pumpkin patch.  We, of course, wanted to get the perfect obligatory baby-with-giant-pumpkin picture for Halloween, but as our baby is still an extra-large bobblehead of sorts, it wasn't easy.  Luckily, our little outdoorsy gal was happy to oblige us with all our annoying demands, and we managed to get a few good shots in.  

Before we left, we picked out a few pumpkins, one out of which Gui carved his first jack o' lantern.  I love that there are old-to-me events and traditions that are still so new to Gui - it makes the holidays that much more exciting.  And although this year, Avienne has no clue what's going on, I'm looking forward to next year, when she'll be big enough to participate in some of my favorite holiday traditions.  For now, she'll just have to sit back and be the center of every photo op.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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