Long weekend

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We had such a fun weekend, spending most of it with family and friends, eating good food and doing a bit of shopping.  It was a weekend full of simple goodness.


// Said goodbye to our first houseguest, tonton Baptiste. 
// Avienne's first brunch at one of our favorite places, Mulberry. We survived without bothering too many other brunchers - she was such a good girl.
// Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and into shops on 2nd Street. 
// Avienne watched her first Texas football game (we beat Wyoming). Hook 'em!


// My mom treated us and some friends to an enchilada lunch.
// Avienne was so happy to spend time with Grammy and Popo.
// Mama's first night out (and Papa's first night alone with Avienne) was not a complete disaster. Hooray!

// Brunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe.
// Some nice guy saw me taking pictures and offered to take ours. Austin folk are so friendly.
// After some shopping, playing and napping, we enjoyed a seriously delicious meal with friends.  The perfect ending to a lovely weekend.

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