Avienne's room

Monday, September 17, 2012

Almost 2 months later and we're still working on settling into our new place. We've made a boatload of progress, but there are still some unpacked, unorganized spaces throughout the house. The one room where I've managed to make the most progress is Avienne's bedroom/guestroom.  Since she still sleeps in a bassinet-sized crib in our bedroom, everything is pretty much in order in her room except for her crib. We plan on moving her into a bigger crib in a few weeks, and once she's consistently sleeping through the night, we'll move her permanently into her own room. For now, her room is where we go to hang out and have fun during the day and cozy up with a book at night. I plan to change out some of the wall decor at some point, but I think the room as it is serves its purpose well for now.  I'll share more pics of our new place as the other rooms start coming together.  

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