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Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's been one month since my baby's been out of my belly and in my arms.  What a whirlwind it's been!  In this past month, I've learned that my baby girl sometimes sleeps with her eyes open (like mama), gulps down food like she's at a hot-dog eating contest (like papa), grunts and laughs in her sleep, gets sweaty under even the lightest of blankets, loves bathtime, still sucks on her hand and gets cursed with hiccups like she did in the womb, enjoys late-afternoon naps and lots of late-night feedings.  

She's changed a lot since we first met her, too.  Her full head of hair is thinning out (like mama's did when she was a baby), her long feet finally look appropriate attached to her meatier legs, and her eyes have only become more obviously blue.  She's also become more alert and pensive - allowing us to just stare at and talk to her while she bats her long, curly lashes in response.  I'm also proud to report that she's starting to look a little less like her papa and a little more like her mama (not that that's necessarily a good thing).  
Here are a few photos from this past month; it's hard to believe that's the same girl in every photo.

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Hannah said...

what an adorible, gorgeous and stunning baby. her hair. her nose!!! arww. you must be soo in love with this little girl! enjoy te time when she's so little

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