Number trois

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My family and friends have spoiled me rotten during this pregnancy. Even though I know the spoilage is really targeted to bébé, I can't help but reap all the benefits of their good intentions.  This past weekend, my mom and sister threw me a third and final baby shower with some of my sweet aunts, cousins and close family friends in attendance.  My sister outdid herself with the adorable décor, and I'm totally in love with the yellow, grey and white color palette she used.  All the traditional nibbles were present, including a delicious sparkling punch (need that recipe, sis), fancy pétits fours and mini-sandwiches, and there was just enough of a French twist to make the special occasion even more personal.  

My aunts are a hilarious bunch, so it was so much fun to dish with them about being a first-time mom and hear stories about their days as young mothers.  They're also very competitive and didn't hesitate playing the games our hosts had planned with no holds barred! 

I'm definitely feeling blessed to be in my hometown, close to my loved ones during this special time.  As much as I miss Paris (and believe me, I do miss it), I wouldn't want to be giving birth to my first child in any other place than right here.

Thanks mum and Candy for the special day!

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