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Monday, June 11, 2012

At 39 weeks and a couple of days, I can't help but look forward to what's around the corner for me.  I know there's this whole new parent thing about to happen, and of course I'm most excited about adding a little person to our family, but there are so many things I've missed these last nine months that I'm looking forward to once I'm done being pregnant.  

Here are a few.

Summer cocktails.  It's hot in Austin.  Like, really hot.  This week's temperatures aren't predicted to be anywhere below the mid-nineties.  For me, nothing wraps up a long summer day like an ice-cold adult beverage.  Plus, it's been nine months since I've had a Bloody Mary at brunch, and although I doubt I'll have the tolerance to polish off an entire glass, I think I'm about due for a little taste of an old weekend staple. 
Rio Rita bloody mary

Sleeping on my stomach.  Really, I'm just excited about finding a comfortable position to sleep in at all.  I know, I know, new moms and dads don't get any sleep.  But, sleep or no sleep, as difficult as it's been to even get into my bed, I'd welcome just five minutes of belly-time.

Regaining a more graceful gait.  I never thought I'd be that poor, pregnant woman, but alas, I totally walk like a penguin.  I don't normally have a supermodel stride, but I cringe every time I catch my reflection in a window as someone in an office or restaurant pities me with my weight-shifting waddle.  I'll be happy to get back into my old speed-walking shoes, too.  I hate that it takes me twice as long to walk anywhere these days.  

Getting my wardrobe back.  I've been avoiding half of my shoe collection because I know my feet will be too swollen to walk in them by the end of the day.  Last week, I finally threw in the towel and decided that flip-flops are really the only acceptable shoes to wear for the rest of this pregnancy.  As are maxi-dresses, mumus and the two skirts I own with highly-elasticized waists.  It will be so nice once I can wear flats, jeans and shorts with real belt loops again.

fat feet

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Clouds said...

Oh my, you're so close to delivering! Having welcomed a little one just six months ago, I am very excited for you! All the best and hope everything goes smoothly.

Do post pictures of the little one when he or she arrives!

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