Happy birthday, mon mari!

Monday, June 18, 2012

 Happiest of birthdays to my handsome husband!
This past year was such an adventure as we've prepared for the arrival of our baby, and I'm so excited to see you become a papa this year.  I can't wait to fill your first year as a father with mountains of beautiful memories!
I love you grave!

40-plus weeks...

...and no sign of bébé.  Saturday has come and gone, and with it, so has baby's due date.  We knew from the get-go that we could go a couple of weeks past her due date before getting to meet our babe, but now that we're so close, that's proving to be a much harder pill to swallow.  I am definitely not a patient mama, and I'm hoping I won't have to wait much longer to meet and hold my little girl.  Fingers crossed she'll be here soon.

Getting back some normalcy

Monday, June 11, 2012

At 39 weeks and a couple of days, I can't help but look forward to what's around the corner for me.  I know there's this whole new parent thing about to happen, and of course I'm most excited about adding a little person to our family, but there are so many things I've missed these last nine months that I'm looking forward to once I'm done being pregnant.  

Here are a few.

Summer cocktails.  It's hot in Austin.  Like, really hot.  This week's temperatures aren't predicted to be anywhere below the mid-nineties.  For me, nothing wraps up a long summer day like an ice-cold adult beverage.  Plus, it's been nine months since I've had a Bloody Mary at brunch, and although I doubt I'll have the tolerance to polish off an entire glass, I think I'm about due for a little taste of an old weekend staple. 
Rio Rita bloody mary

Sleeping on my stomach.  Really, I'm just excited about finding a comfortable position to sleep in at all.  I know, I know, new moms and dads don't get any sleep.  But, sleep or no sleep, as difficult as it's been to even get into my bed, I'd welcome just five minutes of belly-time.

Regaining a more graceful gait.  I never thought I'd be that poor, pregnant woman, but alas, I totally walk like a penguin.  I don't normally have a supermodel stride, but I cringe every time I catch my reflection in a window as someone in an office or restaurant pities me with my weight-shifting waddle.  I'll be happy to get back into my old speed-walking shoes, too.  I hate that it takes me twice as long to walk anywhere these days.  

Getting my wardrobe back.  I've been avoiding half of my shoe collection because I know my feet will be too swollen to walk in them by the end of the day.  Last week, I finally threw in the towel and decided that flip-flops are really the only acceptable shoes to wear for the rest of this pregnancy.  As are maxi-dresses, mumus and the two skirts I own with highly-elasticized waists.  It will be so nice once I can wear flats, jeans and shorts with real belt loops again.

fat feet

Number trois

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My family and friends have spoiled me rotten during this pregnancy. Even though I know the spoilage is really targeted to bébé, I can't help but reap all the benefits of their good intentions.  This past weekend, my mom and sister threw me a third and final baby shower with some of my sweet aunts, cousins and close family friends in attendance.  My sister outdid herself with the adorable décor, and I'm totally in love with the yellow, grey and white color palette she used.  All the traditional nibbles were present, including a delicious sparkling punch (need that recipe, sis), fancy pétits fours and mini-sandwiches, and there was just enough of a French twist to make the special occasion even more personal.  

My aunts are a hilarious bunch, so it was so much fun to dish with them about being a first-time mom and hear stories about their days as young mothers.  They're also very competitive and didn't hesitate playing the games our hosts had planned with no holds barred! 

I'm definitely feeling blessed to be in my hometown, close to my loved ones during this special time.  As much as I miss Paris (and believe me, I do miss it), I wouldn't want to be giving birth to my first child in any other place than right here.

Thanks mum and Candy for the special day!

38 weeks

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We're rounding the corner here and soon - SO soon - we'll get to meet the little bébé that's been taking up all that space in my belly.  I'm officially 38 weeks today, so by medical standards, I've reached full-term status.  If baby A were to make her entrance today, she would be able to breathe on her own and thrive as a full-term newborn.  But, as anxious as I am to have her out of my body and in my arms, I'm happy to wait for her to come out when she's good and ready and not a day sooner.

Around 37 weeks, all my aches and pains that started in my 35th week seemed to fade away and I've regained my energy and comfort since then.  Which is such a good thing as I finish preparing everything we'll need for the birth and organizing my life for the first couple of weeks thereafter.

My sister and youngest nephew will be arriving today and I can't wait to spend some time with them while they're here.  The hope is that my sister will be here for baby's birth, so fingers and other appendages are staying crossed that baby comes right when she's due.  Before then, though I'll be celebrating with family at one last baby shower this weekend, and I have a feeling a pedicure and a little light shopping with my sister will be on this weekend's agenda, too.

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