Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday marked my official transition from a 30 year-old to a thirty-something - an adjective that will describe my age for the next 9 years.  To celebrate, I spent the day in my pajamas until about lunchtime, finishing up a little knitting project and listening to talk radio.  Um.  Wow, I really do sound like I'm getting old!  

But, at the end of the day, I put on a dress and my handsome husband treated me to a cozy dinner at a cute new spot in town.  We nibbled on kimchi, venison, foie gras and quail (not all at the same time), and I sipped on some homemade ginger brew while perusing enviously over their fancy cocktail menu.  I have definitely missed having a proper drink with good company these past 8ish months, and last night was no exception.  It was so nice out, and although we live downtown, we hardly ever spend our evenings right in the middle of the city, so last night was a bit of a treat for both of us.

Keeping the festitvities going, tomorrow, our friends are hosting a crawfish boil to celebrate the great weather and a couple of May birthdays, including my own.  It'll be our second boil so far this year, and I am seriously stoked to get my grub on once again.  I'm pretty sure I ate my [pregnancy] weight in crawfish at the last one, and apparently, Gui's coworkers are still talking about it.  

Bon week-end, everyone!

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