Four years

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Four years ago, I was standing in front of the mayor of Châtillon in a roomful of loved ones (including my sweet mama), promising to them and everyone else that I would love and cherish Guillaume as my husband for as long as I lived.  On that day, we laughed a little coyly when the mayor talked about where we'd write down the birth of each of our children in the famous livret de famille and how we'd have to call her office if we had more than 10 children (the "family book" only leaves space for 10 children to be documented).  So, here we are, four years later and a few weeks away from updating our livret with our premier enfant.  

These past four years have been such an adventure for Gui and me, so much so that it seems like it's flown by.  Now that we're adding a new member to our family, those first four years of marriage when it's been just him and me seem that much more special.  From 2008 to today, we've become a family of two, making decisions about our future together, dealing with crises, celebrating triumphs and preparing to bring a brand new life into our world.  If these first four years are any indication of our future, I'm anxious to get there.  I could not be a happier wife, and I could not ask for a happier life than the one I've created with Gui.  

Happy anniversary, indeed.


Ksam said...

Wow, it's been four years already?? Time flies by! I feel like it was just a year or two ago when we met up for the first time and you were still newly married. Congratulations and bisous from me & C!!

Crystal said...

Awww happy 4 years to you and Gui! It will be 6 for Max and I in July. Time flies eh?

You looked so lovely on your wedding day :)

Diary of Why said...

So cute! And what a dapper couple. Congrats!

misplaced texan said...

Thank you, gals! I can't believe I've never posted photos of our wedding day before! I'll have to dig some up and do a post before too long. Time definitely does fly, but it's so nice to have the pictures to look back and relive those crazy early days. :)

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