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Sunday, April 15, 2012

On Friday, one of Gui's coworkers invited us out to his house in the country for a crawfish boil/barbecue. I've been dying to get my hands (and taste buds) on some mudbugs since February, so, of course, we accepted his invitation in a heartbeat. What we didn't realize was how serious his coworker was about food, but when we arrived and saw the professional barbecue pit and 70 pounds of crawfish, it was obvious that he meant business.

And, man, it was delicieux!  I think I ate my weight in crawfish and pork ribs or at least made up for all the barbecue and boils I missed out on during my three-year stint in France.  I found out later that the guy behind the grill all day was a BBQ cook-off regular and had won first place in town and tenth in the state.  That's no joke in the BBQ-lovin' state of Texas, and I'm so glad he did not hide his talent for us.
Besides cramming my craw with some good grub, it was nice to get out of the city for an evening, away from the Friday night traffic and into some wide open space with a laid-back crowd .  Austin's not exactly the concrete jungle, but sometimes a girl just needs a backyard full of friends and mosquitoes to balance out the constant buzz of city life.  Hanging out on the balcony of our condo just isn't quite the same as swinging from trees in the middle of nowhere.

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