Wishy-washy weekend plans

Friday, March 16, 2012

There is so much going on in Austin this weekend, it’s unreal. My favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, but I guess I’ll have to put my traditional green beer for breakfast on hold this year. We may still step out to Fado Irish Pub’s celebration that starts Saturday morning, though; hopefully the crowd won't be so rowdy that early in the day (but I wouldn't bet on it).

There's, of course, SXSW going on all over our neighborhood, so perhaps we’ll stumble into a few shows.  One of my favorites, Rachael Yamagata is playing a free show at a bar down the road tonight, and I'd love to check her out.  I've always managed to miss her when she passes through Austin, but I did catch one of her shows in Paris with a friend back in 2009.  She's pretty amazing.

Or perhaps we’ll avoid downtown like the plague and head for the suburbs. We can actually hear some bands from our bedroom, so maybe we’ll just camp out at home if the weather’s bad and listen in our pajamas. I'd really like to take Gui to the rodeo for the first time, but I doubt I can convince him of the entertainment value in watching mutton bustin'.  (Although I think he could be swayed with the promise of a BBQ cook-off.)

What's everyone else doing? 

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