Weekend wrap-up

Monday, March 19, 2012

We spent a lot of our weekend staying busy catching up with friends around town.  There was music and dancing, rugby watching, coffee drinking and lots of baby lovin' going on.  Our friends recently had a sweet baby boy, so we've been trying to spend as much time as we can getting some practice for our own impending arrival.  It's almost surreal to think that in just 3 months' time, we'll be doting over our own bite-sized family member, so we're making the most of every learning opportunity we can.

I was really excited that we were able to catch Rachael Yamagata's short set down on 6th Street.  I haven't been out with the crazies in forever, and never with a big belly in tow, so it was quite the experience. Then on Saturday (yay, St. Patrick's Day!), we woke up a bit early to catch the French rugby game at an Irish pub - I couldn't believe how many people were out and already three sheets to the wind at 9:30 AM!  Gui enjoyed a nice Irish coffee and we both grubbed on an Irish breakfast while cheering on France amongst the heaps of Welsh fans we encountered.  Too bad France lost. 

I definitely can't party like I used to, but I still had so much fun getting out and hanging with friends and Gui.  I have a feeling I'll be more and more reluctant to bounce around so much in the coming weeks, so I'm taking advantage of my energy (and mobility) while I still can!


BebeJardin said...

1) That baby is so freakin' cute
2) Your tummy is out of control! And yet, everything else is the same! What gives?!
3) Gui's not growing a sympathy tummy?!

misplaced texan said...

1) He IS so stinkin' cute, isn't he?!
2) Tell that to my cottage cheese thighs and flappy arms. :(
3) Gui's been working out like a madman these days...I think he's trying to take advantage of some free time while he still can.

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