27 weeks and counting

Thursday, March 22, 2012

This week starts my third trimester, folks!  The bump is rounding out and I'm surprised to be feeling pretty darn good going into the final stretch.  Time has been flying by, and honestly, I hope that doesn't change.  I can't wait to meet and hold and sing to my little girl.  Her little kicks and nudges - as shocking as they sometimes are - still make me smile with wonder and amazement. 

So, here's what I've been up to as we start off this 7th month:

Reading - Bringing Up Bébé and loving it.  I see a lot of similarities in her experiences with French families compared to my own experiences.  Although it's more of a leisurely read for me than an educational one, I find myself learing interesting things about how Gui was raised and how he actually views parenthood.  It surprises me how some of the same ideals are still in play now as when he was growing up in France.

Creating - I finished up my first knit baby dress last week, so right now I'm focusing on the baby blanket I've had set aside.  Pretty soon, I'll have more time on my hands to work on a few sewing projects I've been queueing up, too.

Craving - I kind of can't get enough ice cream, frozen yogurt and chocolate these days.  I could eat it all day, which I know is probably not a good idea.  So, I've been making a yogurt fruit smoothie in the morning and allowing myself some ice cream for my after-dinner dessert.  Topping my list of favorite flavors - Blue Bell dutch chocolate, and plain, old tangy froyo.  Miam.

Coping with – the pelvic pain that’s hit me recently. I know it’s pretty common to feel the bones shifting “down there” as my body makes way for a baby to pass through, but the discomfort is giving me that signature pregnancy waddle and waking me up at night. I hope it doesn’t last all trimester.

Looking forward to - the weekend! Our friends are throwing us a baby shower on Sunday and I can’t wait to spend time with all of them celebrating the expansion of our circle (and my waistline). Any excuse to hang out with some of my favorite people all at the same time is a good one. Especially when it involves grub and champagne (I may even indulge in a demi-coupe, myself).


BebeJardin said...

Sarah, you look amazing! So beautiful and grown up. I can't wait to see who you push out of your vajajay soon :) My gosh, you and Gui are gonna be such wonderful parents. So happy for you two!

BTW, how do you manage to let your weight gain ONLY show in your tummy? Do you have a hollow leg filled up with chocolate and ice cream bits?

grace said...

Sounds like we're in almost exactly the same place--I'm 27 weeks today! You look fantastic!

The Millers said...

Ok, you and your little belly are adorable! Seriously! Love the blog. Xo

misplaced texan said...

Thank you Grace and The Millers! :)

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