Knit Nesting

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Since mid-January, I’ve barely put my knitting needles down. In a month, I whipped up three baby cardigans, two diaper covers, a sleep sack, one-quarter of a blanket and nearly half a dress. The best thing about knitting baby things is the almost-instant gratification it provides as compared to knitting adult things (the poor sweater I started for Guillaume in November 2010 is barely half-way done).

But, my ravelry queue hasn’t been the only target of my crazy nesting tendencies. I’m also finding it hard to restrain myself from buying every cute baby outfit I come across, and I think that’s rubbing off on my friends and family, too. We’ve already been gifted a couple of adorable outfits and I know my sister’s not wasting any time amassing a sizeable stockpile of girly things. Clothes just look so much cuter in a mini version that it’s hard to resist the temptation to stock-up when given the chance.

We’ve also been thinking about how we’ll arrange our current living space to accommodate the new family member. When we started trying for a baby, we hadn’t expected to be so successful so soon. So, when we discovered we were pregnant, although we were mentally prepared, we hadn’t really thought about how having a baby might put us in a bit of a squeeze in our Paris-sized one-bedroom place. Although neither of us is really keen on having an entire nursery for a newborn, anyway, our current lack of storage space is forcing us to look for creative ways to accommodate baby’s belongings before we seek larger quarters after she’s born. It might sound ridiculous, but thinking about how we’ll arrange this and that here and there has been enough to keep me up at night. Thankfully, I know I still have lots of time to prepare and that’s what I keep reminding myself when I’m staring at the ceiling making a checklist in my head at 4 am.

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