Sun Day

Monday, January 30, 2012

Austin has not disappointed us in the weather department lately. Winters are as mild as I remember them, and aside from the random thunderstorm or two, we’ve been spoiled with sunshine and warmth for most of the season. But, weekends are the only time Gui and I have to spend together in the gorgeous daylight since the sun sets by the time we both get home during the week. So, we try to make the most of our weekend days together and usually start them as early at 7:00 am.

This past Saturday, we spent time with friends during the day and caught a Master Pancake screening of Back to the Future at Alamo Drafthouse in the evening. Gui’s been dying to see the show, and grabbed tickets as soon as they went on sale. It was fun to get out and laugh along with a room full of 80s kids at one of the most influential films of my adolescence. I couldn’t believe how many funny bits and how much product placement I totally missed after watching it dozens of times over the years!

On Sunday, we made some breakfast, caught up on news and made a quick stop at the hardware store before lunching en terrasse. I got a craving for frozen yogurt (I miss Pinkberry!) and soon discovered how delighted the little bean in my belly was when I indulged in some. She wouldn’t stop bouncing around after every bite. She’s been so active lately that Gui’s been able to feel her elbowing around in my stomach, too – mostly in the evening, but every so-often she’ll get going after a good meal.

And, my belly is starting to show now, so I’m starting to get the double-takes from strangers who see me and wonder what to say. I haven’t really changed much about the way I dress, though and I’m lucky that I can still fit in most of my pre-pregnancy tops (although my bottoms called it quits many weeks ago). Having a friend my size who’s 4 months ahead of my due date has been such a blessing. Between her and my sister, maternity hand-me-downs have saved me from having to step foot in a maternity store.

Here are a few belly shots (not the kind that get you drunk) plus a bonus photo:


KEF said...

You are totally adorable but not going to lie - the bonus shot might be my favorite. I'm dying. LOL

So glad to see you looking so well and please keep up the pregnancy updates!!

Unknown said...

Dude, that is soooo awesome that you pose in this! you should put a pillow or something to be more in the theme!

Ksam said...

Those shots are SO cute! Though I was hoping that last one would be of Gui's pregnancy belly too. ;)

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Gui is such a ham!! Lovin' your bellah. You wear it well miss! :)

Irisa said...

Oh that Guillaume! Haha...Cute photos of both of you! :)

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