Finding Japanese Vintage & Friendships in Paris

Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you know that Paris is home to one of the most extensive collections of vintage Japanese dresses this side of the globe? My friend Jule and her partner Noël run an Etsy shop based in Paris and dedicated to selling vintage Japanese treasures they find while adventuring abroad. I met Jule after stumbling upon her Etsy store while I was searching for Paris-based vintage sellers. I fell in love with a gorgeous patterned dress and asked her if she would mind me picking it up from her home instead of having it shipped. She graciously obliged and I got to check out her "Atelier", including part of the beautiful collection of clothes she showcases in her Etsy shop.

Jule hand-picks every dress from her favorite vintage boutiques in Japan and South Korea and brings them back with her to Paris. She let me have a sneak peek of the mountains of dresses she returned with in November from her latest trip east. Many of the items from her first collection were pieces that she had collected from her time spent living in Japan and part of her own personal wardrobe. This time around, she seemed to focus on what her buyers are looking for and so far, she has not disappointed.

I have purchased several dresses from L’Atelier de Jule and I have to say that each one is a joy to wear. The garments I own are one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect my mood and make me feel amazing and unique in an often uniformly colorless city. I bravely wear my buys to work and each time I do, someone inevitably notices its uniqueness and pays me a compliment. Men who wear dark suits everyday and women whose color palette is limited to navy blue and black are curious to know the stories behind my clothes.

Jule has a keen eye for fabrics that are impossible to find in modern garments and beautiful patterns that recall a colorful era of playfulness and whimsy. She is also a lovely person whose friendship I have come to treasure like so many others I have created since living in Paris. It’s funny how being an expat kind of emboldens you to meet people and make new friends – something I never made an effort to do while living in my hometown where friendships are established over many years. From tea-house owners to international podcasters to vintage clothing sellers, the friends I’ve made in this lovely city are undeniably full of talent and drive. Their passion inspires me everyday and I can’t help but wonder how deficient my life would feel without their enthusiasm and creativity to motivate me.

You can find me on Etsy under "MisplacedTexan" - join my circle and see some of my other favorite shops, including Gloaming Designs owned by yet another talented Paris-based friend.

If you’re in the Paris area and would like to pick-up a dress or try on a few, contact Jule at julesatelier [at] gmail [dot] com. (But beware, you might go home with more than what you came for.)

Jule with her wardrobe.

Coats in every pattern and color.

Packed full of beautiful goodies.

Waiting to be photographed.

How I'm wearing it - a few of my favorite purchases (and one I really, really want).


Katia said...

And you, my dear, have talent and drive in bucketloads.
I love the fact that this city is a crossroads - you can meet all sorts of people doing amazing and creative things, from all walks of life. I count myself lucky to have met you and be your friend.

misplaced texan said...

Thank you, love! Ditto here - it's so true that this city is a crossroads (carrefour even). I adore the people I've met here and can't believe how widespread my network of friends is now after having lived here for 3 years. :)

Sara Louise said...

Howdy! I was hitting the 'next blog' button on blogger and came across your blog and I'm so happy I did, because I'm a Texan and I live in France too, so I just had to say hi! HI!

Opal said...

Oh my! these little dresses are so lady like! Ummm, thanks for the address!

misplaced texan said...

Hi Sara Louise! Yay for Texans in France! And yay for finding new blogs! :)

Ms. Opal, you are welcome, dearie! Aren't her dresses just DARLING?!

Anonymous said...

I'll be a misplaced Texan in a few months too!! My hubby and I are moving there in June!! We should meet up and talk Texas! I created a blog in hopes to find friends once we move.

So you're from Austin...I'm originally from Waco, but have lived in Corpus and now in Galveston! It's gonna be a huge shock from lazy beach town to big city!

Janet said...

Just thought I'd say hello. I'm a former Houstonian who has now been living in the UK (Oxfordshire) for over 8 years. I love Austin -- my younger brother is a UT grad -- although I never got to live there myself.

I'm "following" you now, and come visit "Lord Celery" if you have a few minutes sometime. I've been a little negligent lately but will try to blog more regularly again.


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