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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was really surprised, but kind of excited when my sister sent me an email with the following question inside:
so what is the fashion scene like in paris right now for fall? What's hot for fall and what items can i pass along to my friends who keep asking me about this? thanks!!
PS keep in mind we are moms so keep it practical and everyday. :)
I never thought about answering a question like that on my blog before, but thinking about it made me realize it might be a topic that interests my friends and other readers, so here I am.

Paris is almost always rated as the best dressed city by travel and fashion magazines, and I never really paid much attention before, but I guess it's a pretty accurate assessment. I think the reason Parisian women seem so put together is because they're usually very confident in what they wear - from the suited-and-heeled businesswoman to the quirky, colorful Bellevilloise, women here wear their clothes with confidence.

Much of it probably has to do with the classic silhouettes that are everyday staples of a Parisian wardrobe, too. At my office, I notice women tend to wear the same few, but special pieces of clothing, then mix them up, add accessories, jackets and different shoes to create multiple outfits. It's a habit that I kind of struggle getting used to, as I've always tended toward the side of fast fashion and fleeting trends.

So, here are some fall trends I'm excited about seeing around the city as the temperatures drop. We've already had a few cooler days and cold nights, so some folks have already been pulling out the warmer threads giving us a sneak peek of what we can look forward to treading the cobblestone soon.

Over-sized sweaters, tapered khakis, and brown wedges are all the rage lately. I've been seeing people sporting this look lately and I'm thinking about jumping on the bandwagon! Of course the marinière shirt is a staple in any French woman's closet, so I'm pretty sure it'll make an appearance underneath chunky sweaters this fall.
Paris fall casual

If I could wear jeans to work, I'd love to throw on a pair with tall, neutral boots and a leather jacket. Ladies here seem to love their leather jackets and every time I see someone with a cute black one like this one, I'm always reminded that I don't have one. (Ahem...Christmas is around the corner.)

'Speaking of work, I don't think I've ever seen a woman in my office not wearing at least one piece of black clothing. Once the weather starts to get chilly, the black tights and boots come out and summer is officially declared over. I like the black-on-black look, but sometimes I just feel so morbid wearing all black to work. So, I'm loving all the muted jewel-tones I've been seeing in the vitrines along Avenue Montaigne that I think people will be brightening themselves up with this fall.

And of course, there's the infamous trench. I love my trench coat and don't even know how I lived in Paris for so long without one! It's such a staple of life here, that no one even bats an eye when they see someone else wearing the exact same one on the bus or in the metro. Also, I love that colored tights are making a comeback and I'm already on the hunt for the perfect blue ones. Hopefully, Parisiennes will embrace the trend so I don't end up looking like a colorful clown in a sea of safe black.
Paris fall work

(click on pictures to find out more about the items)


Candy said...

I am SO excited for your post!! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely need to be gettin me a new trench this fall. I love neutral boots too and think I may have to branch out and do tights this fall/winter as well. love you sis!

Animesh said...

Wonderful post. Reminds me, I need your shopping guidance again. Can we do an outing soon? :)

GloamingDesigns said...

so cute!! i hope you're right about parisians throwing in some color because, man, it can get dark here! i love your outfit picks.

teal said...

wow really a good collection..I like that knot scarf very much..wonderful post really..for fashion shopping i need your guidance..

Amy75 said...

You have great style! Love the outfits you posted. Now, if only I could find the energy to make myself look that good :) You've definitely inspired me, however!

Mar said...

Take a risk!! Be the interesting one. Remember, trendsetters start all alone and always risk looking like a clown. And, most importantly, they don't care. Enjoyed reading.

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