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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I thought I'd (once again) take a cue from my sister's fancy blog, and get things caught up around here. So, here are a few things that sum-up my right now:

I'm loving that the days are getting longer and the temps are getting milder. Although we've had a few intermittent weeks of crazy-cold snowy days (and we're still hanging around the 40s and 50s), it seems like we may be saying goodbye to the worst of winter as we roll into March. It definitely makes me happy to leave work and still see so much lingering daylight - the promise of springtime in Paris so easily makes the stresses of a long workday disappear.

My stroll from work.

We bought our tickets to visit Texas in June and it couldn't come soon enough! I'm dying to meet my new nephew, Jacob and see all of my other nephews and family!

Gui and I have been getting back into the habit of Sunday brunching. Le brunch is apparently the "it" thing to do in Paris, so we try to get out and about as early as possible to avoid the long lines. We just re-established our brunching routine 3 weeks ago, and so far we haven't had a bad meal, yet. I never knew how close a mouth-watering plate of eggs benedict and huevos rancheros were until now!

Eggs benedict from Coffee Parisian

Huevos Rancheros from The Studio

I've been spending every spare moment I have clicking my needles away to finish my first adult-sized sweater that I'm proudly making for yours truly. It's been a really fun project so far and I haven't even yet arrived at the fun part - the patterened yoke!

[ravelry link]

My French is still progressing, but I realize weekly how far I still have to go when it takes me half an hour to write a short email.

We finally booked our train tickets for a long weekend of skiing with friends in March. I've never been snow skiing before, and I'm pretty stoked about having my first go at it in the heart of the Pyrénées mountains.

I'm waiting for some new clothes pattern books to arrive in the mail - I plan on taking advantage of my proximity to French fabrics and will be jumping back into sewing this spring. My dust-collecting sewing machine will finally get the attention it deserves!

I've been missing my Texas friends a lot lately. I dream daily about being back in Austin, getting together for dinner or pints or weekly yoga clases and simply enjoying each other's company. I really miss the spontaneity and ease of my life there, but knowing it's not such a far off dream keeps me focused on my right now.


Candy said...

wow skiing?? Have fun! your favorite brother in law says "don't crash into anybody!" That's what I am most known for i think! miss ya'll!

L said...

Skiing sounds fun! I would recommend signing up for some half-day lessons when you get there. The first time I went skiing with French friends everyone was on the red and black slopes because they'd gone skiing almost every year as a kid. I also found French green slopes to be harder than American green slopes (not that I've done a ton of skiing in the States). When I sent skiing for a week a couple years ago, I took lessons in the morning and then skiied with friends in the afternoon. It was a lot easier on my friends to spend half the day on the hard slopes without me going 2 mph and falling every 5 seconds, and then the afternoon with me on the easier ones while I learned.

Animesh said...

Wondeful pics :). Good luck with the sweater!


Andi said...

I'm a (west) Texan who often daydreams about living in Paris. Your picturesque strolls to work are mesmerizing, much more interesting than the desert southwest! However, I don't envy the cold weather you have to endure, I see how you would miss Texas weather in that sense. Thanks for your blog, it's the most interesting "American in Paris" type blog I've encountered (I guess it's the Texas connection!)

misplaced texan said...

Candy, I'm preparing myself for disappointment in terms of my skill level, but I'm glad I'm at least finally trying it!

L, yeah, Gui is a total pro - been skiing since he's been able to walk, probably. I offered to take lessons so he could enjoy himself on the slopes, but he refuses. I think he's proud to teach me something I've never tried before. :)

Animesh, Thanks!! I'm having loads of problems with the sweater, but one day it will be done!

Andi, thanks for your kind words! I miss everything about Texas, but Paris can be pretty captivating, too, I suppose. ;)

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