Friday, March 6, 2009

I might be the only person in Paris who checks the weather forecast every single morning before getting dressed and occasionally in the evening before going to bed. It's something I've done for as long as I can remember, and it started when I was a kid in school. I'd wake up every morning, open the doors to my closet and holler down the hallway to my mom for the day's forecast. "Mom, do you know if it's going to be cold today?" Usually the response was, "it's chilly outside, but it's supposed to warm up later on this afternoon," which is about right for a typical day in Austin. I've always been one to dress for the weather; sweaters for chilly mornings, rain boots and jeans (but never shorts) for rainy days, flip-flops for sunny days (but never when it's cold outside), etc.

Dressing for the weather in Paris didn't come as easy as it had in Austin where you've got a pretty good chance that it's going to be the same weather each day as it was the day before. But, for a while now I've relied on the weather channel to keep me informed of what to expect, and I have to say it's been much more reliable than even Guillaume thought possible. Last week, our trusty source predicted a sunny and warm weekend, and we got it. Gui and I spent our Sunday soaking up the day's namesake rays and hopping from terrace to terrace in search of the warmest spots. It was a really lovely taste of what's to come soon, and I'm so glad we took full advantage of it before the predicted gray skies and cooler temps rolled in the next day.

Today is no exception to TWC's predictions - we've got sunny skies and cool temps, which one would hope will set the tone for weekend ahead. Unfortunately, it doesn't look promising for the next couple of days, and we've still got some wet weather to get through before what appears to be some warmer and sunnier days ahead next week. So, I'm going to go out and play before those Saturday clouds arrive! I hope you're getting some sun, too wherever you are!


Ksam said...

Make me #2, because I check the weather every AM before going out as well! And I also use the weather channel - it's the only weather site that I've found to be accurate. Most of the French ones are always off (and sometimes WAY off).

And don't even get me started on French weathermen - I used to joke in Bretagne that they predicted the weather by throwing darts at a weather map! lol

Valérie said...

As a Canadian, I also have always been addicted to weather channels because of constant weather changes. This is the best site I have found since moving to Paris: It is very precise for the Ile-de-France area... and it will make you practice your french!

Leesa said...

I forget to check but I think about the weather a lot! I can't WAIT for spring to spring... I have a feeling it's going to be a nice spring/summer this year!!

Josephine said...

The more things change...the more they stay the same.

I miss you!

Love, Mom

Jason Fist said...

Definitely for me.

Make sure you clikc on their banner ads to help the site out financially.

Animesh said...

I just use forecastfox in my browser :)

Taylor Holland said...

in my experience, The Weather Channel Paris forecast is good up to three days in the future and that's it.

It frequently predicts sun in the 4-10 day range and it turns to rain. Or vice versa.

Up to three days = all good.

Just sayin'.

Check out my Paris photo blog if you get a chance.


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Just saw your blog by accident - I live in Austin right now, and it's a gorgeous day here. Some bluebonnets, etc. but not too many.

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