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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today, didn't start out particularly well. I was nearly late to my phonetics class, in which we had our first test on pronunciation. I haven't been to this class in two weeks (we were off for holidays and I had the my immigration stuff to deal with, so I'm not a complete slacker), so under-prepared is hardly sufficient to describe how ready I was for the test. In the end, I couldn't answer half of the questions and cringed at the sound of my voice trailing off into mumbles through the laboratory ear-phones. It sucked. But, apparently Tuesday is a favorite day among teachers for testing so my grammar teacher decided to hand us a three-page writing test not long after class that began. The test questions weren't too difficult, but I was taking my time answering them which left me with three minutes to finish an entire page of work when our time was up. By the time the clock struck noon, I had successfully bombed two tests.

But, there's nothing like some holiday cheer to turn a frown upside-down. And, when I saw these beauties outside my neighborhood grocery store, I couldn't help but feel merry.

After class, my sweet mother-in-law scooped me up from our apartment and we shuffled off to Auchan to pick up the big bird that I'm going to roast on Thursday. I've been so worried about this turkey - Will it be fresh? Will it be big enough? Will it fit in my my fridge? - but, my belle-mère took care of the talking and the voilailler handed over a magnificent turkey for our special day. It was fresh from this morning and ready for baking. And, perhaps the best part is that it cost a mere third of what I would have paid at an American specialty shop in Paris. I skipped out of the store with my 8kg (read: 16 lbs) turkey in-hand and a Texas-sized smile. The holidays and food make me so happy! As soon as I came home, I gave the bird a nice look over and crossed my fingers that it'd fit in the roasting pan I bought.

And it did! I quickly arranged her in the oven to be sure it was big enough. And it was! That's a turkey what was meant for Thanksgiving, and I can't wait to get started!


Emily Marie said...

Yay I'm so excited!!!! I might gain a few pounds but it will be oh so worth it :)

The Duchess said...

Sorry about the tests, but oh so jealous about the 16-lb bird in your fridge!

Josephine said...

Sarah: 16 lbs!!! We have a 22+ lb turkey (also fresh, not frozen) in my frig. and a spiral ham to boot.

I'm sad you haven't received my care package. :(

Oh well, I know your Thanksgiving feast will be a huge success.

Love, Mum

As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

I am awarding you a French Award!

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Zhu said...

On behalf of the teachers corporation, I apologize. We like to give tests when 1) we are having a bad day 2) we haven't prepared the class 3) we need an hour for breakfast or running some errants.

This is the sad truth :D

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