Outside my window

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doing my usual morning routine, which includes opening the window to check the temperature (I've actually been opening doors and windows before deciding what to wear since I was a kid - it's like that when you grow up with 32° mornings and 80° afternoons), I spotted this magnificent, unusually-colored tree hidden in the back of a brick building. I realize it's just a silly tree with leaves changing color in the middle of Autumn, but it almost made me want to write a poem or paint foliage on a canvas, or something. Central Texans don't get an autumn. When our leaves decide to finally turn colors it's halfway through December, and they're usually turning some dirty, dreadful brown color. What I love about this tree is that it's just hanging out behind an old building turning colors while every other tree is still content to stay green. It's the little odd-man out and I tend to like little, odd things, I suppose (not that that's in any way personified symbolism, although I have been called odd once or twice in my life, among other things).


Leah said...

Wow, so I'm not the only one who determines the weather by opening the window? I stick my hand out to make sure it's accurate.

Also, I heart Autumn...like, a lot. I'm from New England, though, where the fall is just breathtaking. Here in Bretagne, there are about 2.5 seasons...it's a bit triste.

Josephine said...

Write that poem...begin a book of poems...write...write..write.

There are many times that I think of something to write about and then...the time passes and I forget.

Who knows you might awaken a sleeping talent not even YOU knew existed within you.

Just seeing the tree as an old man is so poetic.

Zhu said...

It looks like the beautiful colors we have over here in Canada. I love fall!

It does put one in a poetic mood :$

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