"On the mend"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My sister would say that I'm "on the mend," but I'm still sick. And, I'm one of those annoying sick people who complains and gripes about my aches and pains as if that'll make them go away quicker. This isn't my first time getting the same awful fluish sickness in France. On my first trip to visit Guillaume here back when we were kids (ok, like two years ago), I came down with a more severe version of what I'm suffering these days. It almost resulted in postponing my flight home, but after a quick call to Gui's doctor-of-an-uncle, I managed to reduce my suffering by following a day's worth of homeopathic remedies. I quickly became a convert to homeopathy, having before always relied on alcohol-based syrups and drugs to knock me out long enough not to notice or complain about my symptoms.

What I find hardest about being sick in a different country is not finding those things that always make achy bones and crazy-painful sore throats a little bit easier to cope with. Like vegetable soup with alphabet pasta, saltines, bags of Celestial Seasonings throat lozenges, Vick's VapoRub, and my mom - especially, my mom. Am I too old to wish I had my mom around to take care of me while I'm sick? I hope not because I don't see that feeling changing anytime soon. I did scoop up a bottle of 7-up on my way home, not that there's any chance that it'll cure me, but it was always around when I was sick as a kid, so maybe it has some healing powers - even if they're only mental. And, although honey makes my throat scratchy, I've been adding it to my hot tea like mom always taught me to help sooth my burning throat.

The one thing that's making it easier to cope with everything is having my not-from-this-world husband by my side. Gui has been more amazing than I could ever be in taking good care of me. I seriously don't know what man-planet he's from, but he's definitely holding up to his commitment to love me during sickness, putting up with my whining and moaning, bringing home throat spray, fruit and juice and all the requisite sick-person food he can find. I'm taking notes so I can reciprocate the care he's given me when it's his turn to be the sicky (let's hope that's not anytime soon).

What sucks about getting sick this week is that it's the first week of my phonetics class - the one that starts at 8 am each morning - and, I'm pretty sure I'm off to a bad start with the prof having already missed the first two days. I'm not sure how the whole truancy thing works at La Sorbonne, but I hope I'm not required to give a doctor's note or anything. I did manage to make it to my daily grammar class today and didn't feel like I missed much by being gone one day. Midway through class, the Turkish girl next to me asked if I was okay, which made me think I must be looking like shiz. Unfortunately, the teacher didn't pick up on this and insisted on asking me to answer last night's homework (which I didn't cop out of with an excuse and still answered). But, then she thought it would be fun to give me an on-the-spot quiz to make an example out of my silly auxiliary-verb mistake (which I knew I'd made the moment I said it and then swiftly corrected myself), that resulted in a short lecture on the profound importance of memorizing these verbs. I wanted to walk out and go back home to my warm bed, but I stuck it out and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on my game.

Oatmeal in bed for lunch on Monday.

My vitamin-packed juice.

More fluids - but this made my throat hurt more.

The trusty L52.

Throat spray with Lidocaine? It numbed my tongue and throat for about 10 minutes, but didn't do much else.

Tomato soup.

7-Up, tea and honey.


Janelle said...

You're NEVER too old to want your mom to take care of you when you're sick. I still want mine to come.

Jennie said...

Aww, feel better hun. I know what you mean about wanting medicine that you know will work, unlike some weird French medicines that have awful names and disgusting flavors. I brought a ton of things back with me last Christmas, like NyQuil and Chloraseptic. My Frenchboy was extremely nice when I was sick last year. He even drove to the 24 hour pharmacy at midnight and got me some medicine that normally requires a prescription. They're so sweet, our Frenchies.

Candy said...

i'm sure mom will cry as she reads this. glad gui is there for you....big props to him!!! you need some theraflu! hope to see you [better] soon now that you're on the mend! ♥

misplaced texan said...

Janelle: Good! Because I want her there at the first signs of a runny nose!

Jennie: I'm totally stocking up this Christmas! I thank my lucky stars everyday for having found my Frenchie - how ever did we get so lucky?

Candy: Oh, totally forgot about the healing powers of TheraFlu - will be scooping that up in December. Love you!

Crystal said...

aww sorry to hear you are sick! I'm a firm believer in the healing powers of 7-Up too (but Canada Dry Ginger Ale works even better!). Glad to hear your hubby is taking good care of you...our frenchies must be from the same man planet though cuz Max is one damn good nurse when I need him to be. He can't pick his socks up off the floor, but he'll drive across the department to pick me up something from a 24 hour pharmacy too :)

Madame D said...

I think that man planet you are talking about is France! Not to diminish anyone's great French man, but I think it's a French guy thing. They just take care of their girls differently than American guys do. American guys want us to take care of them when they're sick, but forget to do the same for us. Plus they hate our whining! But I think French guys are better about taking care of their ladies. Not that there aren't good guys over here in the states, but I always hear people surprised at how sweet Yann is and how helpful he is and how much he does to take care of me and help out. I really think the French have a more equal view of a relationship, and whoever is able steps up and does what needs to be done for the couple. They don't think as much about "woman's work" and "guy things" as Americans do, I have noticed. All of the relationships I was close to in France (my in laws, the family I au-paired for, a married friend, etc) had very equal, give and take principles. My father in law does all of the housework because his wife has problems with her hands. My husband does all of the housework because I work more than he does. After years of dating American guys that wouldn't be caught dead watching HGTV with a sick girl, or cleaning the toilet or even buying medicine because I was too sick to go out, it is so nice to have Yann who is more than willing to do all that. So, either my theory is right, and French guys just take better care of their ladies, or I just had really bad luck and only dated bad American guys. Either way, I love my French hubby!

Mathieu said...

I like this thread! Of course, I *cannot* possibly disagree with French guys being so marvellous ;) but aren't all boyfriends behaving like that? I mean, men love feeling useful, and taking care of your poor sick girlfriend for a couple of days is certainly a great way to do that, isn't it?

Sarah: I wish you'll be better very soon. I see you're drinking Tropicana Essentiels (my favorite juice!). With that and a good scarf (okay, and maybe some Doliprane...) no doubt you'll be able to run a marathon in a few days :)

Emily Marie said...

I love how throughout your sickness you still had the time to take these amazing photos! haha, I'm totally kidding! Get better so you can come out with me!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I'm not the only person who suffers when they have to use the bewildering array of french cold remedies. I miss thera-flu and nyquil and if someone comes from the states, I always make sure they bring me something.


Best thing I've used is bee pollen. In your tea or a spoonful under your tongue. ABout 5 euros in the Monoprix.

Josephine said...

My baby girl is sick.aaahhhaaa. close your eyes...can you feel my hand rubbing your head...that's right...you'll be feeling better in no time....I love you and miss you too! :) :{

Luv, Mum

misplaced texan said...

crystal & madame d: well, that explains that I guess. ;)

emily: :P

zane: yes, making visitors come with gifts is always a good plan...I just need to convince more to come!

matthew: thanks for the suggestion...will scoop some up with my next round of groceries!!

mum: It worked - feeling much better now! I love you back!

astrorainfall said...

Being sick is terrible as an expat. At least you have Gui so that should make things not so tragic.

Every complaint you wrote here resonates with me. I can't find my funky Chinese herbal pills or Berroca (vit B & C effervescent tablets) or rice flour noodles with fish balls and soup which I all miss in Japan. I try to stock up back home but when I'm not sick, I tend not to remember about sick stuff. :o)

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