Saturday morning at a Parisian market

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This morning, Gui and I started the day a little earlier than normal for a Saturday and headed out to the marché. I checked to see what markets would be open first because I've learned that in Paris, markets are always open at different days and times. So, we headed up a few metro stops from our station to the Marché President Wilson - how fitting.

The morning air was crisp and cool and the market shoppers were out in full force today. But, we managed to find everything we came for and even a few extra goodies. I'd been wanting to pick up some seasoned black olives, a few spices, melon (which is really in season right now) and some onions (I've never seen a decent one at any supermarket here). We also scooped up some loose mint tea, a bag of sea salt and some almond powder. And, after getting a mouth-watering whiff of the rotisserie, we unhesitatingly picked up half a bird and a bag of drippings-soaked fingerling potatoes. The smell was literally like crack - I couldn't get enough. With haste, we headed home and dove into the most succulent rotisserie chicken lunch that I've ever feasted on. Midway through the meal, I announced that I would never again eat an HEB rotisserie chicken and reflecting on that statement now, I'd like to adjust it and say that I'll never again eat any rotisserie chicken unless it smells as good as that one. I think (and hope) we've created a new Saturday ritual chez nous.

The pasta stand.

One of the many fish stands.

Our friends at the roti stand.


Washington or Wilson...I can't remember.

Our bags o' chicken and potatoes.


Oh yeah, and I also made a homemade mayonnaise to go with - it was meh. I think I'll put less mustard next time.


Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

I was just thinking yesterday about how wonderful its going to be to buy FRESH ingredients for dinner. Like, seriously. Show me the way sister!

JV said...

I believe it looks like Washington, George. The chicken and potatoes look even more delicious on that beautiful serving plate. My goodness where ever did you get such a beautiful plate? ;) You know I love chicken fixed this way. Maybe fix up some stuffing and we're all set. Good job! I love the market setting.

Joe and I finished cleaning up our townhouse and went to what else....What-A-Burger! Yummmmmmmy!!!

misplaced texan said...

Every weekend, Juliet - we'll be there! :)

Yeah, mom, I think you're right. It is George W. - the cool one. And I've been putting my gorgimous serving plate to good use these's wonderful!

Guillaume's jealous of your visit to What-A-Burger...and so am I! Mmmm...pickles, mustard and chopped onion. Yum!

lulu said...

oh my gosh! Fresh pasta.. mmm Fresh fish - mmm..
Did they have pork shops at the roti stand?
I just ahd an HEB rotisserie chicken and I made a remark along the lines of - this does not taste nearly as good as it smells. So I am glad that yours was much more satisfying. I heart the marché! Great pics too

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