Feeling far away

Monday, June 30, 2008

Last night was a rough one. I called my dad and got his voicemail, then called my mom to see what she was up to with my nephews who are spending a few weeks with their Grammy and Popo. I called about an hour into their naps and the oldest woke up in time to chat with me. He's growing up so quickly...he talks in the cutest voice my ears have ever heard and articulates the most innocently sweet things. I fought back a well of tears when he told me that after he goes to visit Austin, he's coming to visit me - next Friday. I told him I wasn't sure if he would be able to and explained how long a trip in the plane would be for him. "Well, what about in a car," he asked. After a short explanation for the Atlantic, I told him we could see each other on Friday, but through the computer. I probably just shattered his little anticipating heart - and mine too; I was a mess until about 1 am. I miss my family, and even though I'm crazy-happy here, it's so much tougher than I ever expected to be so far away from them.


lulu said...

sniffles. how sweet. one day, you will have your own to fill up that heart of yours.

Candy said...

awww...that made me teary eyed too! i miss them like crazy too but i know i'll be seeing them sooner than you will. oh, and you know dad ALWAYS lets unknown calls go to his vmail! :=)

Anonymous said...

lindo como escribes tu te mando saludos y cariños desde chile


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