Belle-mère's chocolate cake

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Note: Sorry for all the food posts's what's been keeping me busy!

So, I've discovered that my favorite cake to bake is chocolate cake. After receiving an intimidatingly simple recipe from my MIL, I gave it a shot and ended up with a delicious, soft and fluffy chocolate cake. I've never made a chocolate cake before - not even the boxed kind, not brownies, not cupcakes, and now that I have this trusty recipe, it's going to be a regular around here. I only had three eggs on hand, so I just reduced everything a smidge (except for the chocolate) and it turned out perfectly. Since there weren't any instructions on baking the cake, I took the advice of one of my favorite food bloggers and figured it was ready when it was ready.

I can't wait to try it as a moelleux au chocolat next time, and I'm totally going to look for a recipe for crème anglaise to dress it up a bit, too (as both were so kindly suggested). This time around, it's been a delicious dessert and the perfect accompaniment to café au lait in the morning.


Irisa said...

Ok...STOP IT! You're making the rest of us look bad! Actually Melynda is making a Thanksgiving feast on Saturday and I am making the deviled eggs! Hahaha... We'll have to post pics to show you up! BEAT THAT! :-P

Anonymous said...

That's a deadly looking recipe! And you've just made me realise how much I miss moelleux au chocolat here in London. I *really* need to bake that cake. :-)

lulu said...

oh girl- that cake looks moist... mmm

Yeah- Irisa is right. I'm having prego cravings and I'm making a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday for the cure. ; ) Wish you were here to make your choco cake for us. We'll have to settle for punkin pie.

I'm gonna hit you up on this choco cake recipe when Brian comes back. I bet he would looove it.

misplaced texan said...

Irisa & Lulu: You suck right now. But, to be fair, the furthest thing from my mind is getting stuffed off of Thanksgiving's too freakin' hot!! (But, remind me in October and I'll be hating y'all again.)

Sierra-le-oli: Do it! It's worth it and so delicieux! I might make some petits moelleux au chocolat this weekend for a birthday party...can't wait!

lulu said...

well let me rub it in further that I will have AC cranked to 70. ;)

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