Notre apartement

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're finally settling into our apartment now. We still haven't decorated any and I'm dying to put up pictures and art on our bare walls, but all the furniture has been put together and set up and things are starting to come together.

Click here for the full slideshow and descriptions.

(I'm trying out Flickr to see how it compares to Google Images, so let me know how you like it. Click on the first photo to start browsing, and click on the next image to continue through the set of photos. I added comments and notes to some of the pics, too. Enjoy!)

Walking in from the outside hall.


lulu said...

Votre apartment est sympa et adorable. Aussi, c'est propre et quand tu a pris les photos - il faisait beau! Je voudrais vous visiter tot.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

The apartment is really large! I imagined something SO much teenier. How many square meters?

How did your banana bread come out?

Misplaced Texan said...

Merci, Melynda! Je nettoie tous les jours!! Je sais, je suis folle! Viens, viens!

It's not massive, but it's good for Paris. It's 40 sq. meters (about 400 sq. feet), but the bathroom's pretty tiny and the hallway takes up more than it should (in my opinion). I'm not complaining, though!
I'm posting about the bread very soon. ;)

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