Lucky Streak

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guillaume and I headed for London via Charles de Gaulle airport on Friday evening with little expectation for the necessary trip outside of the Schengen area. We had to book our flights separately on Expedia because we were leaving on different dates (Gui on Sunday, me on Tuesday), so naturally, we didn't have the opportunity to choose seats together on the plane. We asked the lovely lady at the ticket counter if we could somehow sit with each other on the plane, and after a phone call, she was able to upgrade us to a "Tempo" seat on the plane. I've never flown on Air France, but it was my assumption that we'd just be sitting a little closer to the front of the plane, and maybe be offered a glass of wine or something; after all, the flight is a measley 45 minutes long from Paris to London. Anyway, so we get on the plane - it ends up being delayed by nearly an hour - and shortly after take off we are served practically an entire meal - ratatouille tarte (a bit strange, but good), salad, a triangle camembert, a baguette, chocolate fondant cake and a small chocolate. We both chuckled at our good luck and just blamed it on the gods of love wanting to make this hectic side-trip a little easier on us.

We stayed the first night with Gui's sister, but only for the night (we arrived around 11pm, so it was barely even a night). On Saturday, we headed out to west London where we had booked a hotel for the night. The hotel itself seemed a bit dated, but it was decent. Except, that when we arrived, we were given a room with 2 twin beds instead of one double bed. It wouldn't have been a big deal to put the beds together, but Gui just called down to see if we could possibly change rooms. They agreed without hesitation and we somehow ended up in the hotel suite at the top floor with a double bed AND a twin bed, a sitting area, closet and even a bidet in the bathroom! It wasn't the fanciest of places, but we still felt pretty lucky to have scored the unsolicited upgrade!

Today, we met up for brunch with an old friend of mine that I know from Texas, Rob. The restaurant we brunched at was really great, and only 2 tube stops away from our hotel! It was really great catching up with Rob, reminiscing about old times, and talking about future plans for each other's visits to Paris and London. I can't believe how long it's been (nearly 8 years) since we've known each other, and although we've both changed quite a bit, we still have so much to chat about. Rob showed us around his 'hood and took us in for a coffee at his flat, which was really adorable! The sun came out just in time for us to have a cup on the balcony and continue our catching up. Hopefully, he'll come visit when we have our place in Paris all sorted out.

Before we had brunch, Gui and I had to purchase another tube ticket for the day. For some reason, we decided to get into 2 different lines and purchase them separately. Well, after Gui got his ticket and while he was waiting for me, a very sweet Danish (I think) man offered his travelcard to him because he wasn't going to need it any longer!! Luckily, I hadn't bought my ticket yet! What's so perfect about the ticket (besides it saving us £10.70) is that it's good until the 22nd, which is when I leave! It really couldn't have been more perfect.

Guillaume left today and I'm going to be in London for a couple more nights, so I'm just hoping this lucky streak continues. I told Guillaume that I really hope we're not having all this good luck because something awful is ahead...but I know that's just my ugly, pessimistic side trying to convince me of my inability to attract goodness. I guess I should know by now that I really am a lucky person - I have the friends, family and fiance to prove that!


JV said...

WHAT!!! You are a very lucky person're related to me!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

On the serious side, you are blessed from above, if you want to call that luck...then go ahead. Whatever scoots your boots sister!! :)

Be careful while your in London town.

Love, Mum

lulu said...

You have a made another meaning to profites bien

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