UPS is ruining my life

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I had an inkling that the forces that be would come crashing in on me without pause for expecting a simple short engagement and planning a wedding overseas in 2 months. What was I thinking?

It's already a little sad that, besides my mom, my family won't be able to attend the ceremony on such short notice. Now that we've mistakenly relied on UPS to actually do their job by delivering extremely vital documents to a person (not a patio), my mom may not be able to attend either. Not to mention, because of the nature of the documents (not just my mom's, but mine as well), we may run into issues of fraud and identity theft in the future that, with my luck, will be seriously detrimental to my or my mom's life or well-being.

What sort of company allows a delivery driver to provide this information about delivering goods: "left at patio, signed by Sarah?" Does this make any sense to anyone else living a slightly educated life? Didn't think so. Je tu déteste, UPS.


JV said...

Yo tambien detesto UPS!!


lulu said...

omg. that is aweful!
is there anything you can do?

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