Invasion sirens in 2007?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

While I was putting on a pair of earrings this afternoon, I heard one of the strangest sounds I've ever heard. Is there a tornado? Should we go hide somewhere? Why am I the only one stirring at this very odd sound? I stepped out of our room and asked Guillaume "What is that??" So, apparently, sirens are tested every first Wednesday at noon in case there is ever an invasion - or other disaster. I'm not sure how much this will help, I bet everyone is well aware what they need to do, but I still find it so strange that this practice still continues today.


lulu said...

you must vatch out for zee germans!

Candy said...

our tornado sirens get tested here on wednesdays at 11 am CST - we're used to it! :)

JV said...

Well, apparently the sirens are working, right? I mean, there's been no invasion.

Joe said Kingsville used to have sirens everyday at noon back when he was living and growing up in Kingsville, he's not sure if they still continue the anti-invasion sirens.

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