Dangerous working conditions

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So, this week I was able to see for the first time where I'd been training to work for these past few months. Although the store's not quite ready yet (and it's going to be SO awesome when it's ready), I've determined that the mall we're in is absolutely a dangerous place for me to be working in. It's home to 2 of my favorite places (besides the store I work for), Pinkberry & Target...yes, TARGET inside the mall! Not to mention, the foodcourt at this place is incredible; they've got Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Greek, a NY deli, a gourmet sandwich shop, burgers, and any kind of food you could want to have for your 1-hour lunch break, not to mention a creperie and gelateria for dessert. I was stoked when I realized how close we were to the Starbucks, but little did I know I'd have far more temptations to fight around the mall. They have an entire section dedicated to cosmetics...Sephora, Bare Escentuals, MAC...and shoe-stores galore! But, it's going to be only window shopping for me for now, at least until my commute to work stops costing me $140 in gas every week! Gotta love the California cost-of-living....boooo!

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