An unexpectedly wonderful surprise

Friday, June 8, 2007

Today I came home to a couple of packages on my front porch. I had already received the printer my mom had mailed me, so I was really unsure what could be inside these big ol' boxes. As soon as I got inside, I ripped open the mystery packages and found this inside:

(along with a very large memory stick)

I was so shocked, but knew immediately who was behind this, so I phoned Melynda right away and she, of course admitted that she, Brian, Bay, Lindsay, Josh, Carolina, Bertrand and Gladys had conspired to send me this ultimate surprise birthday gift. It's doubly exciting since Guillaume's camera (which had been on the verge of death for months now) had completely died on us a couple of days ago. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect camera (it makes sounds when I push buttons and even plays music while showing slideshows!!!)!!! I'll be sure to share the products of my new treasure after I've taken pictures of everything in sight! That's one thing I can officially cross off my wish list! Thank you!!

And now some pics of the gift-givers...

Love y'all! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

we love you too

come home soon


Candy said...

wow! that is a super cool camera! now i may be asking YOU to borrow yours instead of the reverse! :)

Irisa said...

Awww...sweet! Now don't you wish you were back here! haha...miss you!

Sarah said...

Yes, of course I wish I was back there!!! :(

Guillaume said...

Yeah a new camera!!! Sarah was SO excited when she received it!

Candy said...

hey, two things:

1. you misspelled "unexpectedly" and
2. you know what else would be an unexpectedly wonderful surprise? A new blog entry here once in a while!

what's your excuse?? you ain't got kids! You ain't busy!

Sarah said...

Man, Can! Quit being a hater!! I'll change the title...and there hasn't been anything exciting going on. So, :P!

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