Low fat, schmo fat

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

OK, I understand that this country is in an obesity crisis and we sell too much processed food in our grocery stores, but it's really frustrating when you're trying to find an ingredient to cook with that calls for a "regular" chicken stock or "whole milk" yogurt, and all you can find is the sodium-free or low-fat kind! If we're going to make a difference in the way we eat, take the Oreos and Snickers off the shelves, but don't "reduce" all the good stuff so people can go around eating a candy bar and still feel good about themselves because they had a "low-fat" yogurt.


A & I Til I Die! said...

rant! rant!

Candy said...

thank you sarah! ps if you want the "good" stuff, get out of hip cali and come over to the midwest...KC is consistently one of the fattest cities in the country...we like our buttah with our baked potatoes and barbecue!

Guillaume said...

Yeah!! Gimme my fat! Where's my fat at?!!

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