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Monday, May 14, 2007

Guillaume and I have been finding ourselves regular "weekenders" at the little dive bar a couple of blocks from our house. We usually have a pint or 2 of PBR on tap (that's right...ON TAP...love it), pay our 4 bucks a piece and walk back home to scarf on leftovers. Last Friday, though, Guillaume paid with his credit card and was forced to buy a shot (I suggested a lemon-drop since he loves lemony things) to meet the credit card minimum purchase. He seemed to not like it so much (it didn't really taste like the lemon drops I'm accustomed to), but I think it got the job done ... lightweight.

It's a pretty cool place to hang out, and the bartenders are beginning to recognize us, too, with casual "what's up, Texas?" welcomes.


Guillaume said...

Man! You were so drunk this night!! ;-)

Sarah said...

WHATEVER, honey! YOU were so drunk!! Take note of picture #4! :)

Emily Marie said...

I know this is a bit late but I decided to read your blog from the beginning! I think its so funny you all are doing the bourré hand thing, haha! I'm also an American (Atlantan) living with my French husband in France :)

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