The quiche that ruined my dress

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So, I know it's pretty obvious what this post is going to be about, but let me first say that Guillaume and I finally made the Quiche Savoyarde this past weekend that we've been craving ever since trying the delicious goodness at Melynda's a few months back. We followed the recipe precisely, but opted out of making our own crust since our kitchen is still lacking a few essential tools - like a measuring cup (gasp)!! The only problem I had (as indicated in the title of this blurb) was with the bacon. I never cook bacon, since the microwave stuff only takes 10 seconds! So, while I was cooking the bacon, it decided to get really hot and splatter grease all over my lovely brown dress that I got in at Mango in Italy a few summers back. It's one of my most favorite dresses, so if anyone has any special remedy for removing grease stains from clothes, I'd be most appreciative if you'd share that with me! Either way, I'd almost believe that it was worth it, since the quiche turned out to be so yummy! Our oven is a little ancient, so it took longer to cook, and even then I would've liked it to be cooked a bit longer, but it was still delicious and Guillaume couldn't stop going back for more!

Thanks to Melynda for the great recipe and for sending us such a good gift - the quiche dish!!! It will be used so often now that I know how easy it is to make a quiche!!!! ♥

(Lovely gift!)

(FYI: I changed out of my dress after the bacon splatter!)


Irisa said...

Oh my god...I think I am gonna cancel my trip...I never thought I'd see the day when you'd become a domestic housewife...WOW...this is really freaky! What did you do with my best friend?! Haha..jk.

Anonymous said...

try baking soda to soak up the grease, then pat as much excess off before you wash.

That is the only trick I know. Perhaps google will have better suggestions... sorry about the dress.

Your Quiche looked like it was in Martha Stewart's magazine! so pretty!

I know what you need next. AN APRON. heheh


Anonymous said...

You crazy girl! What are you doing baking?! hehehe

I'm sorry about your dress! If it were me I would ask Google, if that doesn't work I'd plead with a dry cleaner. :)

Miss you!!!

Candy's friend Janelle said...

I usually put a drop of Tide right on the stain before I put the stained item back in the wash. It usually works. If not, the dry cleaner is your best bet.

Candy said...

trust janelle. she's done her fair share of stain removal with her two kiddos! miss you!

JV said...

Sarah: When you get grease, clean it immediately under cold water. Also spray it with "spray and wash" of "shout" it really does work OR you can wash it with Oxy dishwashing liquid around the spot. Oxy works great for cleaning anything!!!

I miss you little spark!

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone!! I think I'll use a combination of your very helpful suggestions and let you know how it turns out!! I tried google already, but friends are usually the best advice-givers! Thanks again...will update when I have the results! ;) &hearts

Anonymous said...

Sarah! great to "catch up" with you! Please allow me my $.02 on the stain: mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent (the liquid kind) and apply it to the stain while it is dry. you can even do it after you've washed it and dryed it. It may take a couple tries. Its never failed me. Let me know what/if it works!!! love ya and miss ya lots!!!


Sarah said...

Awesome! Thanks, Lindsay! I'll try it...I tried a mixture of baking soda and detergent (first put on the backing soda, then added some detergent right on the stain), and it seemed to fade, but not go away completely. So, I'll let you know if your little recipe works! I want to be able to wear my dress since summer's just around the corner!

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